• Student of International Business Information Systems (B.Sc.)
    at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
  • Student of the Freecodecamp Frontend curriculum
  • Qualified IT specialist (Fachinformatiker (IHK) Systemintegration)

Frontend Web Development with:

  • HTML | CSS | JavaScript
  • Bootstrap | jQuery | Vue.js

To finish my Bachelor degree I am currently looking for an internship position in frontend web development. I'd love to work with professional developers on a daily basis to improve my skills in web application development.
Please contact me for an internship position or other job opportunities.

currently learning: Vue.js



A basic tribute page to Martin Sonneborn,
MEP and GröVaZ of die Partei


Bootstrap | JavaScript | jQuery

The app displays a random Quote from the Forismatic API
and allows you to share it on your twitter

Local Weather

Bootstrap | JavaScript | jQuery

The app gets your geolocation from the IP Geolocation API
and uses it to display your local weather using the openweathermap API

Wiki Viewer

Bootstrap | JavaScript | jQuery

Search wikipedia for a specific article
or get a random article from the Wikipedia API

Twitch Streams

Bootstrap | JavaScript

Shows if your favorite twitch streams are online
using the Twitch API and fetch() (no jQuery)


Bootstrap | JavaScript

Calculator built with JavaScript
(no jQuery)

Tomato Clock

JavaScript | Vue.js

Pomodoro timer app
using Vue.js